Friday, July 17, 2009

Well it had to come to this

While Harper is playing catch up for the cameras around the world Obama is rockin' his face in places like Second Life and Metaverse, in fact he delivered a speech from Ghana not only on the boob tube but straight into digital form recently. Neat stuff.

But a dark cloud hangs over things like this. Keep in mind while I may be Canadian I still believe that Obama has it in him to be a decent president and I think people in all of North America need to pay at least some attention to him. I have a bit of a problem with Obama's face popping up in every tabloid and news cast lately, especially when his legislative bills are getting called "too weak" and are having endless numbers of amendments tacked on to them.

Socialized health care for Americans. It's a good goal, a very good goal, might take them out from behind places like Ecuador and Cuba when it comes to health care standards, also since the Insurance company execs said they would not stop the practice of dropping patients from their coverage plans it would definitely give the people something to feel good about. Unfortunately his bills to introduce such reform are getting the same treatment as the economic reform bills, too many useless amendments hastily tacked on.

Why Is it that in what I'm told is a democratically controlled assembly a democratic presidents bills can't be rushed through? Well it seems even his own party is divided on the issue. Something that could be remedied, I think, If Barrack showed some real leadership that I know is in him and started running single purpose bills through instead of doing things like tacking an amendment onto an economic reform bill about allowing guns in national parks unless his intention really is to do what Bill Maher says and give people a nice scenic place to go kill them selves.

Maybe one day I'll have some news from my own government to talk about but for now the conservatives seem to be reeling from the realization that they won't win a majority government any time soon and that Canadians are tired of their attack adds aimed at other party leaders during a time when no election is in sight. Yeah, In Canada we have more than two parties.

I figure I've ranted enough tonight so I'm just going to envisions myself partying with Barrack in World of Warcraft for now and head to sleep.

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