Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well It happened, finally, again, the United states have a president that honestly is - and I hope he will continue in - changing the face of North American politics. Here is a man who between the results of an election and is TWO MILLION - bloody hell - person strong inauguration had schools and streets named after him. It almost has an air of totalitarianism about it, sure it sounds bad to call it that but really, all the famous dictators renamed places while they were alive, the famous humanitarians had it done when they died. In all seriousness This is the man who - and I love this still - gave the wonderful American media vultures (give them a round of applause for this one) the "terrorist fist jab" I just about died laughing when I heard that one. However when the Obama couple shared said fist jab one thing became painfully clear to me, the status of politics now is not to represent the people, not to agree on a fair and just ruling but to stop the other guy no matter what they say. That's it, end of story. The recent troubles faced by Obama's bills in the US senate, at least as far a getting republicans to sign on goes, did not help any counter arguments to this, niether did the "vote Clinton" supporters voting republican after Hillary lost the democratic running race to Barack.

Why does a Canadian, a canuk if you must, care? Because I'm insane. In this day and age you have to be to want to keep a hold of political happenings. Now I'm just starting to rant. Barack Obama and Steven Harper, two men who never between shall meet. One gets to fix the problems of an already debt ridden society with even more massive debt while his country applauds him, the other is Steven Harper, a man who looks like he wants to answer detailed questions about home owners insurance.

Steven Harper, a man who is cutting pay raises for Federal Police officers, after labeling himself the justice prime minister. The man who almost condemmed Canada just becuase he decided to act like a five year old and throw a tantrum that he couldn't win a majority the second time around. This is a man who likes to throw around words like separatists and unconstitutional and yet wouldn't know what either of them meant if you stamped them to his a$$. The bloc Quebequios, stevens only friends in his first attempts at governing the country, becme seperatists. The liberals became unconstitutional traitors for gathering the confidence of the house and voting down a government that became a farce full of partisan politics.

Yes Barack Obama is cooler than Steven Harper. He maintains a cooler head when dealing in his political world, he is willing to accept responsibillity for his actions and honestly, he's a much better dresser. Now that Barack has chowed down on his first beaver tail (it's a fried doughy pastry, kind of like a doughnut without the hole) we in Canada welcome him with open arms and open minds. This other guy, I just want him to be gone.

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